On Your Wedding Day – Your Makeup Artist

On your wedding day, your makeup artist should make you feel relaxed, beautiful and confident for that walk down the aisle. When you walk down that aisle, you are on display. The wedding party and all the guests are looking right into your eyes. Through your eyes, everybody will know how you feel. How you look and feel will be burned into memory for a lifetime. Alan will make you feel beautiful on your wedding day. He has been doing it for over 25 glorious years in Hollywood and now 10 years working with hundreds of brides from all over the world — he knows just how to accomplish that for you.

While the Napa Sonoma Wine Country Wedding Season is typically from April through November, Alan, the Premier Celebrity Wedding MakeUp Artist, is busy all year long. In between his tending to his profession as a wedding makeup artist, you will find Alan teaching at the local colleges, attending wedding event seminars, working photo fashion layouts for commercials as well as volunteering at the American Cancer Society ‘Look Good – Feel Better’ program.

Since the Wine Country is the most sought after wedding destination, and Alan, being the most sought after wedding makeup artist in the Sonoma – Napa area, it’s only natural that he very well could be booked on your wedding day. Do yourself a favor and contact him as soon as possible to secure your day, you will be glad you did.

A Typical Day as a Wedding Makeup Artist

It all begins when Alan receives a request from the bride-to-be, her maid of honor, mother, and/or the event planner regarding Alan’s availability for the wedding. Alan consults his calendar to confirm if the date is open.
If the date is already spoken for, Alan will try to ascertain the timing of each of the events to see if it is possible to accommodate both — that is, if one is a morning event and the other is in the evening, it is very possible to work with two clients on the same day. At times, Alan has accommodated as many as 4 events on the same date, depending on the timing and locations in the wine country.

During the discovery process, Alan will discuss additional dates concerning design sessions, rehearsal luncheons and dinners, and any pre-nuptial photo sessions, ..etc.
After dates are nailed down, Alan determines a preliminary number of individuals in the wedding party interested in having their makeup applied. The number of individuals requiring makeup helps to determine pricing and scheduling.
A deposit can be tendered at anytime to hold the date. You want to be assured that your date is secured and not given away to someone else. The deposit required will determined by the estimated size of the event or by mutual agreement.

A deposit can be tendered at anytime to hold the date. You want to be assured that your date is secured and not given away to someone else. The deposit required will determined by the estimated size of the event or by mutual agreement.
Next, Alan likes to discuss with the bride about her thoughts about makeup. Does she normally wear any makeup? Does she like it? Does she not like makeup? Part of that discussion will be about – what kind of look and feel she is trying to create or project on her ‘special day.’ Sometimes the bride knows exactly what she wants and at times the bride has no idea what specific look she wants. Either way, Alan will always defer to the bride for input. After the ‘look and feel’ is discussed, the bride will be ‘assigned’ what Alan calls, “homework”, to get ready for the big day and for ‘The Makeup Design Session

To get ready for ‘The Makeup Design Session’, Alan encourages the bride to bring images from the web or pictures from magazines, or anything to help demonstrate the look, design and color combination that appeals to her for that final cosmetic illusion to embody. The bride is also asked to collect image examples of makeup looks and hair styles she doesn’t care for – those, “Don’t let this happen to me” make-up and hairstyles. This process helps to create a ‘jumping-off’ point to help Alan provide the bride with the feeling and look she has always dreamed.

Makeup Design Sessions are available for a bride to see exactly the way she will look on her special day. If we can coordinate our Makeup Design Session with her hair stylist consult, she will be able to see the total look assembled together.
At the Makeup Design Session, a ‘Before’ photo is taken and there begins a discussion of the pictures and photos the bride has collected and then the makeup session begins. As Alan goes to work applying makeup, different colors, brow and lip line shapes, false eyelashes, no eyelashes, small clusters, etc…, he explains what he is doing and why he is doing it to the bride.

When the bride and Alan are satisfied with the look, an ‘After’ photo is taken so Alan can critique with a discerning eye. The camera shots help as a guide to see whether Alan needs to add or subtract from the ‘look.’

The bride may wish to try different ‘look’ for the ceremony, so, Alan will go back and work it until they are both satisfied with the look. Another camera shot is taken for critique. Alan then documents the ‘look’ and makeup products used in ‘The Makeup Design Session’. If the bride is intending an additional ‘look’ for the reception, Alan creates it and notes it during the session.

It’s always suggested that the bride coordinate her ‘Makeup Design Session’, the‘Hair Design Session’, and if possible, an engagement photo session with her partner later that same day.
Many salons may give-away a ‘free’ trial or make it part of a total package or insist on a consult or trial to get the bride into the salon to “Up-Sell” additional products or services. Since Alan does not work in a salon and represents no particular cosmetic or skin care line — he does not insist on one of these ‘trials,’ but does make them available if desired by the bride.

After years working in motion pictures and television, Alan does not require a trial, consult or Design Session to enable him to work with a bride on her day — It’s completely bride’s choice.

Makeup for any additional events are available as long as Alan’s schedule permits. The bride or her mother may choose to be made-up for some additional luncheons, rehearsal dinners or other family events that may be photographed or video recorded. When being photographed or recorded, some brides wish to get their hair and make-up done to always look their best (Moms and sisters, too.) As that final week approaches, the bride, or her planner and Alan, will put together a schedule for hair and makeup for the day of the wedding.

Basically, the objective here is to keep the communication open. Alan needs to know when the wedding party would like to be prepared for those ‘getting ready’ photographs, or the ‘just ready to leave to the ceremony’ time. Alan can back-time everyone to the ideal start time to make it happen.
On the wedding day, Alan always bring a portable CD player with speakers and a ton of CD’s for background music to create a mood all can enjoy. Everyone is invited to select some music or ‘spin’ their own ‘tunes’ to help with the mood and fun.
While everyone believes that the bride should get ready ‘last’ so she looks her ‘freshest’, that is exactly the wrong approach to scheduling makeup and hair for the big day. The thing a makeup artist wants to do is run out of time on the bride! The bride is always sandwiched in the middle of the makeup artist and the hair professional. Everything gets busy at the last minute. Anticipations are higher and

the wedding activity starts to buzz. Family members can arrive and create a bit of a commotion and distract the bride. The schedule can be thrown off by a wedding party member arriving late, or maybe a member takes longer than anticipated. The key here is, you don’t want the bride to be ‘thrown off’ her schedule or be late on her special day. This is the brides’ day. Alan works around that premise…and over the years, it has been perfected and it works.

It doesn’t matter whether or not we do hair or makeup first on most of the bridal party. At times it works best if the bride gets her hair ‘set’, either on rollers, hot rollers or with curling irons and while the hair gets a chance to ‘cool’ or ‘set’, we apply her makeup. Then her hair is combed out and the hairdo created.
We can always go back and retouch makeup later or after she is dressed, to make her ‘perfect’ just before everything begins. The same can be true of any large bridal party — those from the beginning of the schedule who have been finished early, can always be re-touched later in the day to make them look just as fresh as everyone who’s just been completed.

Everyone thinks this ‘primping time’ is only for the ladies or the bridal party – not so. It’s for everyone. Alan can clean-up under the groom’s eyes (or any of the dads) minimize a heavy beard line; fill in and strengthen a hairline or color-in a bald-spot on the top or back of a head; add a little color or even just some “Anti-Shine’ for photographs. Also, each and everyone prepared by Alan will be discreetly asked if they would like their makeup to be ‘water resistant’ to help with any excessive emotions that may ‘well-up’ during the ceremony and beyond. Water resistant makeup is always good insurance; it’s just a little tougher to remove.

While each wedding event is as unique as each and every bride, hopefully this presents some idea of the way Alan helps to coordinate everyone’s makeup and hair to help maintain a creative and happy experience that everyone will treasure on that special day!
It would seem that when everyone is finished and the bride is dressed, Alan’s job is complete, but that’s not necessarily the case
Many times the bride or the family asks Alan to follow them to the church or ceremony – for touch-ups, especially if it is hot or windy. At times, Alan stays for touch-ups for a photo session after

ceremony. At times Alan is asked to return to the venue for an emergency touch-up or maybe the photographer gets creative and shoots all kinds of different locations and combinations until it’s time to retouch everyone again for the reception (which could be much later in the afternoon or evening).

The bride may want to enter the reception as “the bride” and then sometime during the evening change both her outfit, make-up and hairstyle. What ever works, Alan is here to perform his magic. Makeup artists and hairstylists can be available for as long as the bride would like us to be!

Eventually Alan will try to follow-up with the bride or her mother to hear how it all went and to hear feedback from everyone.
Much father down the line, Alan views the photos from the event and perhaps the bride and/or her mother share some comments and rate the overall experience with Alan’s wedding makeup services on Wedding Wire or Yelp and with their planner of whoever recommended me. Besides hoping for some good comments, Alan is always looking for ways to improve or enhance the client’s make over experience.

In closing, while Alan sometimes books a year out or more in advance for weddings, he can certainly squeeze in those last minute romantic elopements; Valentine’s Day; a holiday weekend in Napa Valley or for any special spur-of-the-moment romantic day trip to the Wine Country.